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According to Podcast Insights, podcast audiences climbed 24% from 2017 to 2018. Currently half of all U.S. homes have podcast fans and the number grows every week. Search Engine Journal reports that podcasts are even more popular than blogs.

You may have listened to a few podcasts yourself and thought it would be a fun way to communicate about your interests and brand. However, you may wonder if podcasting can benefit you as an entrepreneur. According to Small Business Trends, the answer is an emphatic “yes!” They write that podcasting is a “powerful marketing tool” that can benefit your business.


How to Get Started in Podcasting

First, think about what you want to talk about on your podcast. Who do you want to tune in? Who is your target audience? Once you have a good grasp of who you want to talk to, it will be easier to outline the goals of your podcast and to create content for it.

Next, what’s it all about? Why do you want to podcast? Stay focused on your theme–the topic that interests you–to keep your podcast lively and engaging. Maybe you love talking about tips and tricks for social media marketing. Or perhaps you are launching a small business for bath and beauty and want to talk about fashion trends. Whatever theme you choose, it should be something you’re really interested in. Your listeners will know right away if you don’t actually care that much about the subject. On the other hand, passion about a subject is contagious. Other people who are interested in your theme will engage with your podcast and become fans.


What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Podcast?

Podcasting doesn’t require as much technology as you might think. Once you have a good quality microphone, headphones, editing software, and a place to publish your podcasts, you’ll be good to go! There are some other small items that are highly recommended though. They include:

A Pop Filter – This inexpensive item prevents your “p”s and “t”s from sounding too loud and percussive.

A Suspension Boom – This piece of equipment holds the microphone for you and also adds to the quality of your sound.


Utilize Your School’s Equipment First

A great opportunity for college students is to start podcasting while using their school’s audio and recording equipment. If you want to give podcasting a go, find out if there are classes you can take. Or start a podcasting club. It will be sure to draw interest from students who already have some of the necessary equipment and software. This can be a great way to get started and also to find out if podcasting is right for you.


Have Fun with It!

The most successful podcasts engage listeners because the hosts love talking about their subjects. As you give podcasting a try, remember to keep it fun. Find some good quality equipment, learn the basics of audio editing and take the plunge. Like everything else, the best way to learn about how to make a podcast is by doing it.


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