Job Hunting for December Graduates

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December college graduates have a unique launch window that differentiates them from the majority of students who turn their tassels in May and June. Job markets have a lot of similarities and, as you might expect, most of the fluctuations center around money. If you’re about to graduate, that’s good news!

Some, but not all graduates seek a job right out of college. How to land that job is the challenge. With so many graduates searching for a job at the same time, how do you stand out from the crowd? What actions can you take to get ahead of the game? What is the ideal time period to start your search?


Is Winter a Bad Time to Job Hunt?

The start of the year might be a better time to job hunt than you’ve been told. Companies like to hire college graduates when they have ample money do so. According to a post on, most human resources departments seek out new employees during the first quarter of the year. According to, they do so because the end of the last fiscal year and the beginning of a new one leaves them with a clear view of how new recruits will fit into their budgets. That means a December graduate has a fair chance of finding a job.


Prep December Graduation Job Hunting with an Internship

How can you increase your chances of getting a job right out of college? Perhaps you should consider an early internship. How early? Sometimes as much as a year ahead, during your junior year. For those in need of a shorter runway, one to three months ahead of graduation might serve well. An intern who has proven productive and talented has an excellent chance of landing a job when it opens. Arriving ahead of time puts you well out in front of any competition that shows up later.


Is Slow and Steady Better for December College Grads?

Not all December grads are ready to start work immediately. For those seeking to ease into the job market, an internship still offers a valid route. If you want to keep your focus on your studies instead of doubling up with an internship, then waiting until you graduate makes sense. Regardless of when you start, experience in your chosen field will increase your chances of securing the job you want.


Bold Job Hunting is Good Job Hunting

College graduates might also gain a job hunting edge with boldness. A post by suggests sending resumes to companies that don’t yet have advertisements for job openings. Another strategy in the same article mentions putting your future graduation date on your resume. While others are waiting to graduate, you will be applying for jobs.


Start Job Hunting Early

The one common aspect of job hunting for December college grads that experts agree upon is that getting a head start is key. Whether that be with an internship, an early volley of resumes, or simply by taking advantage of a December graduation date. If you have chosen to ease into your field and gain some experience first, don’t abandon the get-started-early philosophy. Choose the date you want to secure a job and prepare well ahead of time.


The Sooner the Better for December Graduates

College students graduating in December should assess their personal goals to determine which strategy will work best. Regardless of graduation date, any or all of the above strategies can still apply. Just remember, the sooner you start, the better!

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