How to Land Your First Client

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You have investors lined up, a killer PR and marketing plan, and a great product or service to showcase. How do you get from business launch to landing your first client? If you’re worried… relax! You’re in good company. Many successful ventures experienced the same moment–anxious and insecure about how to get their first customer.


3 Ways to Land Your First Client



You’re already well aware of the benefits of networking in your entrepreneurial life. We’ve covered the benefits of networking beyond your generation, just a few weeks ago. A commitment to networking regularly can lead to finding a great mentor, discovering others willing to team up on your venture, and learning new and necessary information about your field. It could lead to your first client.

Approaching your startup’s launch, reach out to your various networks to see if someone is interested in becoming one of your first clients. Review your lists of contacts, with an eye towards those who are likely to be interested in your business, or those who might benefit from what you’re offering. Don’t forget to include friends and family!

Follow up by reaching out to them in the manner you think is best. For some, you’ll probably want to make a date to grab coffee or lunch together. Others might prefer a brief email announcement about your launch.

Be sure to announce your new business in-person and on your social media channels. Ask your networks to share the announcement with anyone who may be interested. 


Research Potential Clients

Land your first client by researching to find out who would be a good candidate for your services. By learning their pain points, you can contact them and let them know your product is a solution. Say you noticed they need what you can offer, and show them how much they would benefit. Many entrepreneurs and consultants land their first gig or customer in this manner.

Keep an eye and ear out for these opportunities. You might overhear someone at a get-together complaining about a problem at work, that you know you can solve for them. Or you might read a blog post or LinkedIn article that reveals the writer could make use of your business.


Use Your Blog

Depending on the business you’re starting, it’s possible that you could land your first client through your blog. Write regularly about how your product or service meets important needs. Write articles targeting your potential customers, a child-care related business could write a blog article that compares the different benefits local child-care centers offer. Draw your customer’s attention to your child-care related business, and they might try your products.

Establish your blog, and expand your writing reach to LinkedIn posts and platforms like Medium. The right person might come across your articles and think your product is perfect for their needs.

Take a deep breath and remember how many people were in the same anxious phase in their entrepreneurial careers. They all had to take a leap of faith. Put yourself out there, and you will land your first client too!


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