Five ENT Recruitment Ideas for Fall

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Although every fraternity, sorority, and other student organization should have year-round recruitment outlooks, there’s no denying that the hottest time for new member sign-ups is in the fall. The start of the new school year brings many new beginnings and everyone has a fresh attitude. It’s the perfect time to introduce the idea of joining Epsilon Nu Tau to all those motivated minds. Here are five of the best ENT recruitment ideas for fall.


Ask a Friend (and Friends of Friends!) to Join

One of the best ways to find like-minded recruits is by telling your friends and acquaintances about your organization. It seems so obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people don’t think to do it. Sure, their friends probably already know about the group, but they may never have discussed why it would be a good idea to join! Or they may not know the actual details–what kind of events does the chapter hold, what are the networking opportunities, etc. Tell your friends about the great opportunities available in Epsilon Nu Tau. Mention it to your classmates in your business courses. If a conversation about startups happens at a get-together, find out if those interested are aware of our organization.


Know Who Your Chapter Is

We don’t mean know who the members are. In order to recruit new people to your chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau, you have to have a firm grasp on what your chapter stands for. What do you do? Why would someone want to join? What are your ideals? How to try to attain them? You should be able to easily answer these and any other questions an interested student might have. Take some time to think about it. What do you enjoy about our organization? What benefits have you already experienced? Your enthusiasm for why you’re a member will make it easier to find the words to describe “what’s in it for them.”


Follow Up with Those Who Show Interest

This is a tip you’ll be able to apply to your career as an entrepreneur as well. If someone shows real interest in your chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau, don’t leave it at that, counting on them to follow through and sign up. They may need a reminder. Everyone is busy. Even things we know we want to do, things we can’t wait to tackle, sometimes get crowded off our “to do” lists. Check in with those who’ve shown interest and see if they’re ready to join.


Use Social Media to Highlight Your Chapter

Whichever social media platform you prefer, use it to show what your chapter is all about. You can highlight your networking events, study sessions, social get-togethers. It’s also a great way to spread the word of why your members joined. Ask your members why they joined, or what they enjoy about the organization, then post their answers to your social media, along with a great photo of them, of course.


Schedule Fun Fall Events

During fall’s prime recruitment time, make sure your chapter has lots of enticing events planned. Think of the kind of networking opportunities that will intrigue future entrepreneurs, schedule them in the fall, and make them open to non-members as well as members. Also, schedule some of the more social, fun events your chapter enjoys and open those to non-members too. Give interested students a taste of the professional advantages to being a member as well as the fun they will have.


Interested in Learning More or Starting Your Own Chapter?

Check out this list of all the current Epsilon Nu Chapters to learn more, not only about the whole fraternity but also to see what each chapter focuses on, the kind of events they hold, the things their members enjoy. Click through and check out their social media feeds. Then, if you don’t have already have a chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau at your school, start one! Find out how on the “Start a Chapter” page.


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