ENT Alum Launches Google Ranking Service

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ENT Alumnus Matthew DiPaula, a former CEO of Delta Chapter at Seton Hall University, just launched his first start-up, Rankfolio. Rankfolio is a Google Ranking service that gives companies a short-cut to the top ranking search results based on local keywords.


A Few Words from Rankfolio Founder, Matthew DiPaula

Matt DiPaula has been a huge supporter of ENT, its purposes, and its members. He offered a few words on how ENT set him up for success:

“ENT fosters a community of entrepreneurial spirited individuals that allows for collaboration, professionalism, and most importantly, long-lasting friendships. I owe so much to ENT and its principles, and to my fellow members for being a beacon of inspiration for me. There are so many business leaders today within our ranks from the non-profit space to real estate and beyond. I constantly see successful members that I’ve met at conferences via social media and see all of their amazing accomplishments, some even within my own chapter. Starting my company, Rankfolio, and offering ENT membership discounts within our network is one of the many ways I plan on giving back to my fraternity that gave me the tools, knowledge, and experience needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

I encourage current and future students to join a fraternity that gives you a network of people that actually succeed and wants to make a difference in this world. This fraternity emphasizes your well-being and future over the constant party life of college. It is supportive even when you become an alumnus, such as it is now, shedding a spotlight on me and my company and supporting my entrepreneurial spirit. A fraternity like ENT.

Feel free to reach out if you ever need start-up advice, a reference, Google search exposure, or even just to say “hi.” I’m always here to help.”

~Matt DiPaula,

ENT Alumni ’14

SHU Alumni ’14

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