Most Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories of 2017

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The nature of being an entrepreneur means taking risks and trying stuff. Worldwide fame can take time. Successful founders or owners of new and profitable businesses often appear to be overnight successes. Their big, current success eclipses quieter, earlier efforts and the failed attempts that preceded it. Let’s take a look at some inspiring entrepreneur stories.

This article from Inc. magazine tells of several leaders of business who are noteworthy at the moment. A tough look at the descriptions makes it easy to predict that many of these won’t be big names a year from now, while a few certainly may win big.

For many on the list, the fact that they are being mentioned is certainly well-earned. They almost all have a note that these leaders have tried before and will try again. That “try, fail, learn… repeat” cycle links them, no matter what vertical market these business leaders work in.


Small Starts

Author and satirist Jill Smokler is a great success story. But the real work of getting where she is now didn’t just happen in the past year. Jill started her blog Scary Mommy back in 2008. It was bought by the Some Spider media company in 2015. Jill didn’t “sell out.” She is now the Chief Content Officer of this much larger version of her online magazine. This year, Forbes named her one of the top ten parenting influencers.


Clever Moves

WeWork has been around since 2010, but in 2017 it has experienced huge growth. WeWork has perfected the co-working environment so that it offers appealing options for individuals and large companies. Its success may influence how you will work in the future. They buy large facilities, make them cool with improved layout and interior design. They offer online tools and flexible plans to encourage that they work well for anyone. This year they expanded into living spaces and gyms, based on the same principles of togetherness that fueled their office space success.


Savvy Solutions

With all the negative talk about how the fashion and media industries negatively affect body image, it is easy to spot companies clumsily attempting to appease those voices. Rare are the companies who boldly and confidently appear comfortable in this more realistic “skin.” Glossier is not trying to push an unobtainable image. Instead, it is offering products carefully developed with their customers. Their products delight their customers by showing off their true selves. They have found success by offering quality solutions customers want, powered by unconventional marketing that does not pander.


New Twists

Michael Elliot who has put a different spin on the idea of nail and hair salons. By “manning it up” he created the Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop. He’s got his venture capital and has sold more than 200 franchise licenses. It is just a matter of time before you have one of these male-focused grooming service shops near you!


Watch Worthy

In the world of new technology, success is an ever-receding target. DeepMap is one of the companies moving us forward with self-driving cars. They give cars better map data. They also add imaging tools to help cars “see” the road better. A key to their success is working with, rather than against, the current industry. DeepMap’s blog discusses how they are working with major automakers like Ford and Honda to create the self-driving vehicles of the near future.


Join or Build Support

One of the best ways to build business success is to surround yourself with a community of others who encourage and support you. Epsilon Nu Tau, the nation’s first entrepreneurship fraternity, can help you set yourself up for success. Consider joining or starting a chapter on your campus. Maybe you’ll be one of the inspiring entrepreneur stories of the future!


PHOTO: Sasin Tipchai / CC0 Public Domain

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