Why Writing Skills are Crucial for Entrepreneurs

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Your professor places you into groups for a business class project. You need to figure out everyone’s roles. You hope not to get stuck with the writing. You’re in luck that someone in your group likes writing, and you say, “Oh, good! I can’t write!” But actually, you can write. And you need to! There’s good reason to build your writing skills if you want to become an entrepreneur, and college is the place to do it.

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider your outlook on writing and the effect writing skills can have on your career. The ability to write effectively benefits anyone, especially entrepreneurs.

Often, entrepreneurs are talented at in-person communications. You just have to figure out how to transfer those skills to writing.


Business Documents

Entrepreneurs certainly need to know how to write various business documents. These include proposals, RFPs, white papers, requests for funding, business plans and reports. Language carries just as much weight, if not more, in a business plan than the numbers. No one will be interested in investing in your company if you aren’t specific, organized and clear. For proposals and requests for funding, you’ll need to be persuasive, detailed and grammatically specific. Bidders will better understand requirements if your RFPs are specific and consistent. White papers and reports need to be clear, direct, simple and jargon-free so multiple audiences can understand.


E-mail Communication

E-mailing is overlooked as one of the most important forms of communication. In running a business you will e-mail partners, clients, leads, and more. A well-written e-mail can open the door to an in-person meeting or job interview. No one you e-mail wants to read a message that takes more twists and turns than a 1,000-page fantasy novel. No one has time. Learn to write courteous, direct and clear e-mails and you will do yourself a huge favor.


Web and Social Media Communication

It is imperative that you know how to communicate online. Persuasive copy keeps people on your site and turns them into customers. On the other hand, saying the wrong thing cause quite an uproar and damage to your brand. Examine every word and sentence before publishing. You may think, “I can just hire professional writers to do this for me.” Someday you might. But, in the short-term, you may launch a startup on a very tight budget. Plus, you know your brand best so you should be able to write about it effectively.


Steps Toward Stronger Writing Skills

Ask other entrepreneurs how they built their writing skills. You might find that other people who once claimed they couldn’t write learned to do so quite well. Practice with your groups and your professors. Try writing in a diary about your day, your thoughts or your business ideas. Introspective writing can benefit you in numerous ways, including your mental and emotional health!

For a good start at writing, check out John Baptiste’s tips for entrepreneurs. Also invest in your new guide to best practices in writing: Strunk and White’s Elements of Style.


Once you start writing effectively, you notice that you’re a more valuable asset to your team. You might decide to launch your business while still in college, and you’re going to need to know how to write before that. For others who start a career after college, you’ll be prepared to impress colleagues and clients.


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