1st Annual ENT Leadership Retreat

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ENT had its First Annual National Leadership Retreat this past weekend in New Orleans, LA. We had leaders of seven chapters from states including Ohio, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey, Indiana and Georgia. These leaders came together to learn from each other, get ideas about how to improve each of the chapters, network, and of course have fun!

ENT Leadership Retreat Group SkitsA good retreat is the perfect balance between work and play. This weekend was filled with team competitions, breakout sessions, lectures, and a live art demonstration. On our first morning together we discussed emotional intelligence and the different Meyer Briggs personality types. We also discussed the five characteristics that make up a good leader. This is when the first team competition comes in. Each team was tasked to create a skit that demonstrated the different personality types we had just discussed. The skits were well delivered and entertaining, but Team 3 came out as champions of our first competition.  

On our second morning together we had the chance to meet a local artist named Patrick Parton. Patrick spoke about what it was like to quit his corporate job to pursue a career as an artist. After hearing about his experiences, he gave us a live demonstration, and explained how he creates his pieces. Our meeting with Patrick was held at the Royal House Art Gallery. Special thanks to the Gallery Director, Jamie Lehr!

ENT Leadership Retreat Artist Patrick Parton

Apart from all the hard work, our leaders also had the chance to go on a walking tour to learn about the culture and history of the city. We did not let the rain, nor the unusually cold weather stop us from enjoying the sights and stories! We saw the french market, the country’s oldest continuously operated pub (Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar), as well as Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral. On Saturday, our guest speaker was an entrepreneur who has grown his startup to over $40 million in annual revenues in just 3.5 years! He led a discussion on the value of business partnerships, and also came out with us for dinner that night.

ENT Leadership Retreat Mardi GrasNow, it wouldn’t be a trip to New Orleans without seeing the street performers, hearing the smooth jazz music, or watching the first Mardi Gras parade of the Carnival season! The theme of the parade was Joan of Arc. Everyone in our group had a great time partaking in such a great tradition, as well as collecting some pretty awesome handmade throws.  

This retreat embodies an amazing, quick start for ENT in 2017. As all the chapter leaders return to each of their schools, it’s important we build off of this momentum with our own chapters, and use the actions, tactics, and strategies from our fellow brothers across the country, to continue to succeed in each of our chapters! We can’t wait to catch up with everyone again at our National Conference at the end of March, held at the University of Michigan.

 ENT Leadership Retreat Art Gallery

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