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Recruitment Bonaza

Delta Chapter Article

Going into its fifth academic year, the Delta chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau is ready for a big upcoming year! Last year we saw a core group of the chapter leave, as many of the seniors who played an important role in the chapter have graduated. The brothers of the Delta chapter want to thank them for all the time and effort they put into this organization. We wish those who have graduated the best in their future endeavors. We are now looking for more students who have that same entrepreneurial drive that the current and past members do.  Recruitment is the main focus this year for the chapter, and it started as soon as the previous spring semester ended.

Each year Seton Hall has an involvement fair which gives organizations an opportunity to put their name out there. Every year brothers from ENT represent themselves, and that will continue this upcoming year. We hand out business cards, and we also give students a chance to talk to the brothers so they can learn just what it means to be a brother of Epsilon Nu Tau. We also plan professional and fun events. We arrange a “Dress for Success” night where we try to better prepare students for business interviews by looking professional in such environments. We intend to work with our alumni, who have gone on to great successes, to provide brothers and pledges with some wisdom from the work experiences. Along with these events we look for ways to give back to the community and others around us.

“Service on Saturdays” happens a couple of times a year in which Seton Hall students partake in numerous events like painting hallways in elementary schools, or planting flowers around churches. This year brothers from ENT will represent themselves at each one. We also want the current pledges to perform service hours to make sure they can give back to the community as well. We look for ways for brothers to gain connections with outside sources. Branching out is a big part of being a brother because we want members to leave with the knowledge they need to help them succeed after graduation. We invite store owners, managers, and people who have been in our shoes who know what it takes to own a business speak in front of us. Epsilon Nu Tau is a growing organization with members who strive to better themselves and their brothers around them!

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