First Impressions=The Key to Recruitment

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First Impressions=The Key to Recruitment 

Eta Chapter Article 

It seems like summer just flashed by! The Eta Chapter has been hard at work all summer for this upcoming semester.  Our biggest goal right now is to multiply in member numbers. How do we plan on doing this?…First Impressions! Many people may have heard theat first impressions make or break your success. Well, they are entirely correct. As a division of Epsilon Nu Tau, the Eta chapter has made it a goal to present itself in the most professional manner while also attracting the interest of potential new recruits.

This summer served as a great time to re-group. After a very successful first pledge class last semester, we decided that it was time to show CMU all we have to offer. We will be participating in our welcome weekend event, “MainStage ” on Saturday, August 23. This event is open to not only businesses in the region, but also to on-campus organizations. Back in April we decided this event will be our biggest recruitment opportunity to date. So we thought, “how can we present ourselves to the incoming Freshmen in a way that would demonstrate what our group has to offer?”

This was easy! Can you say… marketing materials?! The best way to draw people to a recruitment table is to make it look appealing. We budgeted a certain amount of money to invest in a handful of marketing products. Fist off, we bought a professional board that will stand up on its own and can be placed on our table. We then bought business cards which are perfect for handing out to large groups of students. One of our favorite purchases to date would be the RUSH ENT beach balls. Those will be absolutely perfect for recruiting this semester. Last but not least, we ordered RUSH ENT shirts to wear at our tables and events.

Needless to say, I think we are now the masters of developing recruitment materials. Fingers crossed that it will pay off going into our second pledge class this fall!

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