Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

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Marquis Maines
CEO, Epsilon Chapter
Due August 13, 2014

                                      Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

                                                  Rush event for Epsilon Chapter

In the process of planning the events for the 2014-15 academic year, the Epsilon Chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau planned a versatile event that not only helps with gaining exposure but also acquiring members. The objective of the event is to provide the aspiring entrepreneurs on campus a gateway to sell their respective merchandise, as well as gain intangible entrepreneurial skills. The layout of the event would be based on the school’s event schedule and hosting locations.

At Ohio University, the event would be held in Baker University Center on a Saturday to ensure maximum attendance. From a financial perspective, we would charge each entrepreneur who desires to sell their merchandise a small hosting fee of $5. The profit made from this event would be used to plan future Epsilon Nu Tau events including “OWNed”, an annual basketball tournament hosted by Epsilon chapter. Socially, Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow would assist ENT in establishing a positive rapport on any campus that decided to host the event. Hence, Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow would not only assist future entrepreneurs in gaining exposure but also Epsilon Nu Tau in acquiring members and establishing a presence on campus.

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