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Have you ever heard the saying, “it takes one entrepreneur to develop a product or service and one hundred others to make it better”? Well in the case of ice cream, this theory holds true. In its earliest form, thousands of years ago in the Persian Empire, people would pour grape juice over snow. Later on, it is speculated that the Roman Emperor Nero would have his people gather ice from the tops of the mountains and then add fruit toppings to it. It was not until Charles I of England hired his own ice cream maker that it became well-known. He enjoyed the ice cream so much that he offered his ice cream maker a lifetime pension in exchange for keeping the recipe a secret. When ice cream finally made its debut in the United States, it became very popular with a handful of the founding fathers.

Ice cream stores and soda shops didn’t become mainstream in America until after the prohibition and Baskin Robins became the leading ice cream provider in America in the 1940s. So as you can see, it took handfuls of not only people, but also ideas to make ice cream what it is today.

Freeze (no pun intended)!

I hope that you didn’t think that the article would end like that! Just like in the entrepreneurship world, everything is constantly being improved upon. One of the newest forms of ice cream can be found at the iCream Cafe. This shop uses state of the art technology to provide customization for both ice cream and warm pudding (depending on the weather.)

According to the iCream website, “Co-founders Cora Shaw and Jason McKinney are excited to be the first to bring you the ability to create your own ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, hot pudding, or shake from scratch right in the store.  Our rapid freezing, super sweet liquid nitrogen machine instantly freezes your customized treat into a uniquely smooth and creamy dessert.  Just step into our dessert factory and customize your ultra-fresh creation on the spot.

Inside our Wicker Park Café you won’t find pre-made selections in a cooler or soft serve dairy machines. We make everything on the spot so that you get exactly what you want. Choose ice cream, yogurt, sorbet, hot pudding, or a shake. Then pick the flavor and fresh fruit or candy toppings. So spoil yourself or go healthy: fill up with smooth iCream ice cream, or go light with non-fat yogurt topped with fresh fruit.  And because your creation is made on the spot, you’ll walk away with a uniquely fresh and creamy treat.”

Follow this link to watch a video detailing the process of iCream:

“It takes one entrepreneur to develop a product or service and one hundred others to make it better.” Even when we thought ice cream couldn’t be improved, iCream came along. Don’t forget, sometimes the best entrepreneurs are the ones who are able to expand an idea, not necessarily create a new one.

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