Ways to Improve Fraternity Recruitment

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The Top 5 Ways to Improve Fraternity Recruitment

1.) Create a “Potential Member” List
Do you know a friend, classmate, or acquaintance that would be a great fit forENT? I’m sure you do! And probably not just one. Now multiple your list by all current members and you’ll have great base group to target during the recruiting process.

2.) Give a “One on One” Sa les Pitch
Now that you have your list, have current members invite interested people out for a cup of coffee, lunch or to simply hang out. These personal interactions can give you a great opportunity to pitch the fraternity and answer any questions in a one on one setting. Building relationships is key!

3.) Make the Process a “Group Effort”
Don’t rely solely on the Rush/Recruitment chairs to handle everything. While these individuals should be leading the process and coordinating the specific rush events, the whole Recruitment Process should be a total group effort!

4.) Rush Events are Crucial – “Properly Plan & Show Up”
Nothing makes the fraternity look worse in the eyes of a potential member than coming to an unorganized and/or poorly attended Rush Event. Take the time necessary to plan the events and ensure current member attendance is high!

5.) Focus on the “Newest Members”
Members that were newly initiated last semester have no idea how the rush process works, so take the time to teach them. In the same regards, learn from them. They just went through the rush process and can provide great insight about what they liked or didn’t like and what made them ultimately join.

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