3rd Annual ENT National Convention

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Fullerton, CA – Epsilon Nu Tau’s 3rd Annual National Convention, hosted by the Gamma Chapter, was held the weekend of April 19-21, 2013 on the beautiful campus of Cal State Fullerton (CSUF). The annual event provides an opportunity for all members throughout the U.S. to come together, build teams, collaborate, socialize, and ultimately grow both personally and professionally during an action-packed entrepreneurial weekend.

With representation from ENT Chapters throughout four different states (NJ, OH, TX, & CA), the weekend event enabled members from various college campuses across America, to compete together in the annual case study competition. Each team was challenged to present the viability and marketing strategy of a potential new investment in a fast, casual Neapolitan pizza joint, which produces custom pizzas in less than 90 seconds. This year, the case study was won by the Beta Chapter from Texas State University, who had presented the most feasible strategy and best overall marketing plan.

Planned and impromptu elevator pitch competitions were also held. Each Chapter was represented by one of their members for each of the two pitch competitions. Congrats to Nick Pacitti of the Delta Chapter coming in as winner of the planned elevator pitch competition! Also, congrats to Yaimarie Queeman Soto of the Alpha Chapter for winning the impromptu elevator pitch competition!

Epsilon Nu Tau members were also able to network with and learn from many interesting & successful entrepreneurs, most of which are based in the Greater Los Angeles area, yet conducting business worldwide. Mike Bonifer, of GameChangers, held a workshop to get ENT members outside, active, and thinking! GameChangers uses improvisational game techniques and narrative design to help clients improve communication and develop brand strategies. Companies of all sizes can benefit from consulting with Mike and hiring GameChangers to create new, unique efficiencies within any business.

Zack Swire, of Swire digital ad agency, also presented to the group. Zack is a CSUF alumnus, devoted husband, and father of triplets! His ad agency uses exceptional strategy and creative execution to create winning advertising campaigns for their clients. Swire takes a total solution based approach in the web marketing arena. ENT members were able to learn from Zack’s startup stories as well as his parenting experiences; and how to balance family time with a growing business.

This year’s convention marked the first time it was held during the Spring, rather than the previous annual ENT conferences which had been held in the Fall.

Many thanks go out to the Gamma Chapter for organizing, planning, and hosting this year’s annual convention! The event was a huge success for all ENT members and for the overall longevity and quality of Epsilon Nu Tau as a whole. Can’t wait to see everyone next Spring for the 4th Annual Convention, hosted by the Delta Chapter, on the campus of Seton Hall University in New Jersey!

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