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The words Epsilon Nu Tau are the Greek letters E-N-T, which is short for Entrepreneurship.  Our belief in ‘entrepreneurship’, however, differs from the ordinary definition.  We do not focus entirely on being a business owner or how to run a company.  Instead, we focus on having the right mindset in life.  This mindset is about resisting fear, creating connections, putting ideas into motion, and making things happen.

The basis of our organization is to create a National network – full of creative, action-oriented decision makers and implementers.  Each brother is diverse in his/her interests, skills, and knowledge…yet each brother shares positivity, passion, determination, persistence, and charm.  The constant collaboration of ‘The ENT Mindset’ among members is creating endless opportunities.

A Shared Vision

Each brother, along with their invaluable differences, is encouraged to possess these common traits:

1.) The desire to accomplish their dreams,

2.) The belief in the ability to succeed, &

3.) Taking action to make it happen.

These traits are meant as a daily routine.  To be repeated day in and day out.  Motivation, confidence, and action are all linked to success.

Communication in the Digital Age

Without a doubt, recent technological advancements have changed the way we communicate.  Epsilon Nu Tau embraces this change and is using it as an advantage.  Beginning in Fall 2010, monthly video conferences will unite each chapter, developing close relationships with other members – no matter the geographical location.  Whether you’d like to discuss chapter operations, professional opportunities, recent success, or things to avoid…the network you build will help you succeed.

Launch a Chapter, Run a Business

Each chapter is unique.  Different locations mean different marketplaces.  The Fraternity is operated as a decentralized organization.  General guidelines and streamlined processes are suggested and shared among chapters….but each chapter is its own business – making its own decisions, with the freedom to act accordingly.

Co-Founders of each chapter are also the Directors of their nonprofit entity.  Less bureaucracy means more empowerment, more engaged contributors, and much higher efficiencies to accomplish your goals.

Do You Make Things Happen?

Does building a network of dedicated entrepreneurial individuals interest you?  We are looking for student leaders at universities across America to launch the next chapter of the Nation’s First Entrepreneurship Fraternity.  What do you think about ENT? Leave your comments below! If you want to learn more about how to start a chapter at your school, just visit our contact page here and drop us a line.

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