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San Marcos, TX – Five students enrolled at Texas State University have become the newest brothers of Epsilon Nu Tau. On Sunday, January 24th, 2010, Jennifer Bell, Briton Smetzer, Zeena Osmany, Will Innes, and Zack Maxey were initiated into the nation’s first entrepreneurship fraternity; thus, forming the Beta Chapter of Epsilon Nu Tau.

This is an exciting moment in the life and history of the fraternity. The newest members of ENT have the mindset, integrity, and charisma to successfully recruit new members, instill the fraternity ideals in others, and to carry out an entrepreneurial legacy for years to come.

“Among other things, we have this vision of creating a scholarship program for our members,” stated Jennifer, President of the chapter.

Zeena, Vice President of Communications, added that “the network we are creating will allow members to meet and collaborate with all kinds of other entrepreneurial students from different parts of the country. It is a powerful feeling to know that so many positive connections will be made – each one potentially lasting a lifetime.”

The Beta Chapter Co-Founders plan to spread the entrepreneurial word on campus this semester and will rush new members at the start of fall semester, 2010.

Portrayed above (from left to right): Zack Maxey-VP Internal Operations, Will Innes-VP Finance, Zeena Osmany-VP Communications, Briton Smetzer-VP External Operations, Jennifer Bell-President.

Check out the Beta Chapter’s video on YouTube.

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